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jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Hábitat Natural. Interesante performance de Laurie Young.

Natural Habitat Trailer from Laurie Young on Vimeo.

This is a trailer of Natural Habitat, a performance installation created in the Naturkundemuseum, Berlin.
After looking back on the 200-year history of the Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin) and likewise into the history of science, the art project Natural Habitat ventures a look into the future. What could our world look like in 200 years? Amidst a post-apocalyptic, surreal desert landscape, a woman (Homo Sapiens) finds herself surrounded by survivors belonging to other species. Both as the observer and the observed, she interacts with the animals that surround her and the changing conditions of her habitat.
In the form of a “cultural field study”, the participants take up scientific findings as inspiration. For this purpose the project uses a classical medium of communication techniques employed by the scientific museum: a life size Diorama is constructed, exhibited and brought to life. In this way, the visitor becomes the observer and recognizes him/herself as contributing to processes of change. Natural Habitat can be experienced as an installation as well as a sixty-five minute performance. English and German versions are available.